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Get the Help Your Family Needs

Now Sober Academy will work with you to teach you the skills to be able to understand what your loved one is going through, so you can offer them the kind of support they need.

You will learn a new way to communicate with patience and kindness and how to let natural consequences do its job so you don’t have to be the bad guy. You will also learn how to provide positive motivation that leads them back to the family. Most importantly, you will discover ways to support them so that sobriety becomes their choice. 

Then Get the Help Your Loved One Needs

When your love one is ready, we work with them to help them shift their mindset, so they feel worthy of living an amazing sober life. We teach them how to understand the real reasons they chose drugs and alcohol and how to deal with those problems in a healthy manner.

Then we give them to tools they need to face sobriety with success and how to start living the life they really want.

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Live Q & A and Coaching Sessions

New Courses Monthly

Private Online Community

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