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You’re in the right place.

Have You Heard These Voices in Your Head?

I’m overreacting.

Why is my husband/wife so determined to destroy our family this way?

I don’t understand why my mom would choose drugs over me.

He used to be such a kind little boy. What happened to my son?

I feel so helpless.

If you have, then you’re probably ready for a change.

We were tired of watching families fall apart under the influence of desperation, so we made it our goal to provide a solution to people who were ready to transform their lives. We wanted to help them…

  • Learn to communicate with their loved ones.
  • Understand why their loved one would choose drugs and alcohol.
  • Practice positive reinforcement as opposed to negative enabling.
  • Learn to practice self-care.
  • Feel like they did the best they could even if the results didn’t turn out as they hoped.

We Saw the Need for Something Different, So We Created Now Sober Academy

Now Sober Academy Has Programs for…

Whole Family Recovery

Dealing with a loved one with a substance use problem puts undue pressure on the whole family. Children feel forgotten. Parents and sober spouses fight to “fix” their loved ones. Close friends and relatives grapple with changes in the substance user. And none of this helps the person who needs treatment.

When you join Now Sober Academy, you get the tools to help you with all these problems.

Individual Recovery

It’s hard to admit that you have an addiction, but if your life is in chaos, there comes a time when you will need to take responsibility for your addiction or die from the effects of substance use. Now Sober Academy is a membership that can help you with that. We provide courses, opportunities to participate in group coaching, and a community with people who are struggling just like you.

And that’s just the beginning.

We Teach the Family the Do’s and Don’ts to Give Their Loved One the Best Chance at Recovery


Stay calm.

Keep an open mind.

Allow your loved one to suffer natural consequences.

Take opportunities to provide positive encouragement.

Take advantage of healthy communication skills.

Practice self-care.


Obsess over your loved one’s behavior.

Close off to learning new things.

Enable your loved one by protecting them.

Punish your loved one giving them a reason to see you as the enemy.

Yell or isolate from your loved one.

Neglect to care for the person with addiction.

We Help the Family in Recovery Heal

What’s Inside

Access to Now Sober Courses

Now Sober Academy offers new courses monthly to help you change. We’re not suggesting that you have done anything wrong. only that you are in a challenging situation that requires special skills.

We understand this and have scheduled a series of courses that will give you the best opportunity to learn a new way of connecting with your family members.

Families will learn how to stop enabling their loved one, how shame keeps you or your loved one dependent on drugs and alcohol, things you should (and shouldn’t) say when talking to your loved one about addiction, and what you can do to move past this difficult time.

Monthly Group Calls

Now Sober Academy wants to be part of your program. Really part of it. That is why we are committing to coming into the community live twice a month to answer your questions and help you navigate the challenges you may be going through.

Our goal is to stay connected by talking to you directly, answering your questions, and giving you that little bit extra that everyone needs when they are going through difficult times. You will even see a surprise workshop from time to time as well.

A Supportive Community

You are not alone. That is so important to remember. Being part of a safe community gives you space to tell your story, hear other stories like yours, and most importantly, release the shame that keeps you stuck.

Our hope is that through our community, you build connections with people you can reach out to for help or just a non-judgemental ear. Using the buddy system, the community provides opportunities to practice the skills as you learn them.

Finally, as we have seen in our own lives, the best way to help yourself is to help others, that is why one of our first priorities is to establish a mentorship program as a part of Now Sober Academy.

Wait, Wait, Wait…

There’s More

Above all, we at Now Sober want you to feel confident through all this. Of course, there will be times when you won’t, but we will be there every step of the way to help you work through those times, so you and your loved ones can overcome the struggle and come out better on the other side.

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