Now Sober

If you or your loved one is struggling to stay sober, you might want to try whole family recovery.

Now Sober, Now What?

We know what you’re thinking:

The party’s over.  Life without alcohol will be boring. How am I going to deal with stress? I have so much work to do…

Or I have to find a way to fix my loved one before they destroy their life.

I wish I had a reset button…

We want to share something with you about family recovery.


It has that button built in, but you can’t just push it and move on. Family recovery takes work. Lots of hard work. In order to repair relationships and remove addiction from your lives, everything has to change about the way you communicate, view each other’s behaviors, and spend time together. When you or your loved one stops drinking, everyone has to come to terms with some really scary stuff, and it can sometimes feel hopeless. That’s where Now Sober can make recovery easier.

Anything is possible. You can do this, and we can help.

We’ve Been There

Meet Vince and Jeanna

We have been working on programs that help both the person in addiction and the families who suffer with them. You see, we didn’t recover on our own. We had lots of help from therapist, recovery programs, sponsors, and the family members who were on this journey with us, even when they didn’t want to be.

Our experience (and lots of research by experts who know more than we do) has shown us that the best path through recovery is with the loving support of families who care and people who have been there.

Unfortunately, past expectations about family recovery mean that many of us have to learn new ways. We want to introduce you to them and help bring families back together.

Why Family Recovery?

Traditional approaches to recovery focus on the person struggling with addiction. Society sees them as the symptom and as a result places all the responsibility on them to heal. In the past, this has meant that families are encouraged to,

  • Send their loved ones to treatment facilities where they get intensive help but for a limited time only to return to the environment that led them to addiction in the first place.
  • Practice tough love that further shames the person with the addiction.
  • Detach increasing feelings of isolation.

The problem with these approaches is that they don’t address the idea that the key to both individual and family recovery is connection. In fact, these types of approaches don’t provide support, reinforcement of positive change, and acceptance of the person struggling with not only addiction but many other problems.

Family recovery

Now Sober’s Approach to Family Recovery

Our approach is to help both the family and the person with substance use disorder. As recovering alcoholics, we know that addiction isn’t something we chose. Rather, it’s a disease that developed in our attempts to deal with problems we didn’t have the tools to deal with on our own. Our alcoholism came from feelings of isolation and pain.

What we needed to recover was a strong sense of connection and acceptance of the mistakes we’ve made. Families can provide that, but oftentimes they don’t know how. Now Sober steps in to help with that.


For Individual Recovery

we work one-on-one to:

  • Help them get to the root of their addiction so they can learn to face it sober.
  • Provide positive reinforcement during each stage of recovery.
  • Teach them how to practice self-love to increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Take action toward repairing the damage they can fix and letting go of the damage they can’t.

For Family Recovery

We work as a team to:

Understand how our loved one’s behaviors make sense to them.

  • Learn helpful listening and communication skills.
  • Practice positive reinforcement while letting negative consequences happen as they will.
  • Encourage self-care during a time when the main focus feels like an uphill battle.

Hi, I’m Vince

With 28 years in recovery, Vince has worked with the multiple faces of addiction. As a recovering alcoholic and sex addict, he’s done the work to improve himself. He’s also worked with many families, both his own and others,  affected by addiction and one-on-one  to help people struggling with recovery

Vince’s experience as a music instructor gives him the ability to take a very complicated subject and break it down so that people can understand. As a passionate teacher and leader, he uses his communications skills to help people recover from the trauma of their past and addiction.

Hi, I’m Jeanna

After creating what felt like a perfect life, Jeanna realized that she still suffered from the effects of a less-than-perfect childhood. In her loneliness and feelings of inadequacy, she began an alcoholic journey that destroyed everything she had built.

Then filled with fear, she realized that her life wasn’t what it was supposed to be. That’s when she decided to make drastic changes to the way she was living.

Now she takes her experience as a recovering alcoholic and compassionate teacher to help others live the life she has found—a life filled with peace and purpose.

If you want to know more, check out Jeanna’s story.

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