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Now Sober Academy: A Community for the Whole Family

Join a community of people like you who have been touched by alcohol and drugs. Whether you are sober curious, on the road to recovery, or a family member wanting to support someone who struggles with addiction, our membership has something for you.

We have spent years in recovery seeing what works and what doesn’t, and we bring what we have learned to a community that connects people who struggle with addictions to with the the loved ones who want to help them.

Now Sober Academy has,

  • Live workshops and Q&As.
  • Courses
  • Chat spaces to support all members with recovery.
  • And more is in the works.

Group Coaching

Group Recovery Programs for Individuals and Families

Our group coaching programs get you closer to one-on-one help without the high cost of private coaching. Plus, it offers the amazing benefit of connecting with others who are going through the same struggles as you.

In group recovery programs, we have the opportunity to see our difficulties through many different lenses. The experiences of other people allow us the distance needed to view what has happened in our own lives objectively and without shame.

Recovery Program

Private Coaching

Get Customized and Confidential Recovery Programs for You

For some, the stigma of addiction, whether it be as someone with addiction or a family member who wants to support them, can keep them from reaching out for help. We think private coaching is a great alternative to group programs for this reason.

With private coaching, we have the freedom to work with you, your family member, or both to create customized recovery programs that best cater to your needs.


Get Help On Your Time

Are you ready to start making changes in your life but can’t commit to the time constraints or financial obligations of our other recovery programs? Maybe you just need to get to know us a little better or are curious about this whole sobriety thing.

Why not try one of our free or paid courses? They are perfect for people who,

  • Are curious and seeking possible solutions.
  • Need to take classes on their own time.
  • Only want help on a specific problem.
  • Aren’t ready to make a large financial commitment.
  • Want the comfort of a course in their own home.

If this is you, try one of our stand-alone courses.



recovery program

Looking for a Speaker for Your Recovery Programs?

Vince and Jeanna are available to talk to your group on a variety of topics including,

  • Addiction and recovery.
  • Family support. 
  • Suicide.

Additionally, we offer seminars in person or on Zoom for treatment centers that want to encourage aftercare and family involvement in recovery.

If you are interested in having Vince, Jeanna, or both at your recovery program, please contact us.